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Regardless of your Pest Problem, you came to the right place!! Spiders, Ants, Wasps, & Rodents are just a few of the common pests that we handle for our customers every day. Guardian offers safe and effective solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Our Technicians are well-trained, professional, prompt, friendly, & mindful of your needs. We can also help with many other pest problems that customers face in our region. Whether it’s Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Voles, Earwigs or Carpet Beetles, your Guardian Technician can handle the problem.





What should I expect during a service call?

Our Service Specialists will arrive in our familiar Guardian pest control truck to thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. They will search for causes and evidence of particular pests, and identify other areas where they see the potential for future pest issues.

Internal inspection

Exterior Inspection

  • Food and water sources

  • moisture issues such as leaky pipes

  • Humid conditions

  • Sanitation issues

  • Physical damage or pest droppings

  • Cracks or gaps in windows, siding, mortar, or foundation

  • Roof deficiencies that can be seen from the ground

  • Shrubbery or tree limbs touching your home

  • Stored wood near your home

  • Out door lighting

After the Service Specialist inspects and identifies pest problems, they will recommend a targeted treatment plan to meet your specific needs and clearly explain how our services will be provided. 


Your visit from Guardian pest control will leave you with the peace of mind that an effective treatment plan has been set in motion to keep you, your family, and your pets safe. Your Service Specialist will provide a detailed Service Report explaining the steps they have taken towards pest prevention. 


If you have the cost-effective PLANS (recommended), we’ll be back in another three months, or anytime you call us!


With our Pest Free Guarantee, if unwanted intruders return, so do we. 

*For season Service

With multiple service options to choose from, we're certain to have a solution that meets your needs and budget.

From our eco-friendly solutions to our family friendly attitude, we take pride in making the planet a better place.

*60 day warranty for standalone services

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Our Location

Vernon, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, and Surrounding Areas

Opening Hours

8:00 AM  - 7:00 PM

Sunday to Monday

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