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The Right Way to Check Your Luggage for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a major concern in modern life. As we travel more frequently and to more places, these pests have more opportunities than ever to relocate. At Pest Police, we provide homeowners in the Okanagan area with effective bed bug control solutions, and we’d like to explain how you can prevent the critters from hitching a ride in your luggage.

Prevent Infestations Before You Go

If you're buying new luggage, opt for hard-shell cases. Otherwise, pack garbage bags to wrap suitcases in once you arrive. Pack ample resealable plastic bags to place your clothes in before putting them in drawers. Don't forget a flashlight for thorough room inspections if you don't have one on your smartphone.

Inspect Your Room First

Before inspecting your room, wrap your luggage in a plastic bag or put it in the bathtub; bed bugs can't crawl inside the tub. Or make use of your luggage rack to keep suitcases off the floor. Pull back blankets and linens,and examine the bed frame and headboard for reddish-brown and dark marks. You may actually find bugs and their young offspring, or nymphs, as well. The appleseed-sized bugs are normally brown and oval-shaped but become reddish-brown and round after feeding. Nymphs are smaller and nearly clear or yellowish-white in color.

Bed Bug Luggage Inspection

Even if your hotel room bedding and furniture pass the test, you'll want to examine your luggage thoroughly before leaving. Using your flashlight, carefully search every compartment. Just as they crawl into the nooks and crannies of furniture, these pests will work their way into zippers, pockets and other hidden areas. Carrying light-colored luggage makes inspections easier. If you do find any bugs, keep your luggage outside to prevent the need for bed bug control indoors. If the weather is hot, put your bagged suitcase inside with the windows closed. Both hot and freezing temperatures kill bed bugs.

Stopping Bed Bugs After You Get Home

Keep your home bed bug-free after your vacation by properly inspecting your luggage. Checking for bed bugs and treating your luggage if needed is an effective form of bed bug control. If your home becomes infested despite your best efforts, Call Pest Police right away. We offer safe and effective bed bug solutions for homes and businesses across British Columbia.

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